Preeti - Dropout to Success

A lot of students drop out of school due to poor grades and lack of financial help and parental support. Preeti is one such child amongst 1000s of other students facing the same dilemma. She dropped out of her school in class 3rd. She wanted to study but was afraid to deal with her weaknesses and face any failures, around when she got noticed by Rhythm of life Ngo.
Preeti joined Rhythm of Life because of their project- AVSAR, which trains underprivileged girls to become leaders and inculcate various soft skills and art forms, thereby enabling independent living. Preeti too wanted to support her family financially, and just make her mother proud of her.
Rhythm of Life focuses on personality development along with soft skill training. Preeti was very good in speaking Hindi, also she could read English books but could not understand the words and the meaning of the lines. When we asked her she cried and said that she wants to study and make her illiterate parents feel proud of her. She wanted to go back to school, but as she was a grown up we enrolled her in National Open School. This was as good as second beginning to her life and she was back to being a little girl, all curious and inquisitive.
Preeti was determined on what she was doing, but often felt demotivated when she was not able to cope up. We provided additional coaching for her to overcome her weaknesses and make learning a fun thing.


Today, Preeti is very happy and eager to complete her 10th exams. Her hard work has paid off and she is now learning Madhubani Art and making beautiful paintings, stoles and T-Shirts, along with pursuing her studies. She is leading over 8 more girls and wishes to influence more such girls in her area, so that they too can fight and overcome their weaknesses.
Rhythm of Life is taking care of her expenses till she graduates and is capable of living independently. Our financial and material support will ease the burden on the parents and they can now afford to educate all the children otherwise one or more of them, even Preeti, might have had to drop out.
  • Name of the girl: Preeti.
  • Class: 10th.
  • Age: 20 years.

Stage to School

Everyone in this world grows with a dream in their eyes to touch the sky but how many of us even reach to the initial steps? Just few, today I wanted to take you to the tale where there are dreams in their eyes, hard work in their genes and talent in their blood but the only requirement of being in right hands. There is a proverb says that move forward, or you’ll fall behind and similarly every success knows that what they are doing and they wanted to achieve. Kanchan and Tanisha are those two little angels of Rhythm of life who knows it right from the beginning that what their target is and were well aware with the rule of survival of the fittest.
Few years back, just by giving a small performance over the powerful stage of J.D. Tytler they would have never thought of in their minds that one day the stage will belong to them. Kanchan and Tanisha living in the streets of Bapu Dham has proved themselves by getting lifetime scholarship from J.D. Tytler School that yes they are not less than any of the child who are studying in much facilitated primary schools.
Once again, Rhythm of life has made a mark by getting their children admitted to one of the much renowned and resourced school of Delhi i.e. J.D. Tytler. How many of us got the opportunity to fulfill our desires or to follow the heart but as destiny has planned something bigger for those kids they have proved their mark. One of the biggest achievement that Rhythm of life has achieved till date is lifetime scholarship for two kids and as mentioned earlier this is just the beginning to reach the goal. Each and every kid of Rhythm of life is capable enough to prove themselves as they are the rising stars of tomorrow.

India’s Got Talent

Ritik, gave an audition for India’s Got Talent, and reached till 4th Level.

Media Education Workshop

Our Students have successfully completed Media Education workshop with Ms. Laura Di Nitto and Mr. Andrea Camerini, International Filmmakers and Media Educator.