Reaching the Sky

“Learning without burden” This has been the motto at Rhythm of Life ever since it was just a figment of our imagination. We believe life experiences are the truest form of learning for an individual. And it is not just about the outside world but about one’s own self.  
All the kids who are part of the ROL family are full-time students in some registered school. Our goal is to help them excel in extra-curricular activities that help instill confidence, a sense of accomplishment and self-belief and make them well-rounded members of the society. Thus to simulate the best kind of experiences we have compiled an immersive activity-based curriculum for our children.
From teaching basic practical knowledge of science in today’s innovative world to the age-old crafts of Music, theatre and Creative arts, the individual programs are targeted to unlock the receptive powers of the child. Our vision is to see the child’s mind wander amidst the endless possibilities of the world and to know that the sky is the limit.
Reaching the sky becomes the child’s ambition. And we give them a push to achieve just that.
We welcome you to our open classroom education project ……..AASMA.
The rainbow is one the most vibrant creations of the sky. But its true essence lies in the 7 colours that make it the marvel that it is. Similarly, AASMA is nothing without its independent 7 programs that makes the child experience the world in an entirely different way.

7 programs

Academic knowledge lays the foundation for every student’s brain development and enhancement. Language, numbers, logic and facts are the prime focus aimed at making the students capable of written and verbal communication, dealing with numbers, reasoning and understanding of science and being aware about the past and on-going affairs worldwide.
About 300 students attend our compulsory study sessions- designed age-wise, three days per week. These sessions are formulated in coordination with the ongoing school syllabus serving the purpose of revision and doubt clarification. Small batches ensure that the students get one-on-one attention and no child lags behind. During examination months we even conduct special sessions for topics the students are struggling with. Our overall aim is to build a strong foundation/base for the children that will help them succeed further.
Media lab is a Youtube channel created especially for our students. The idea behind this program is to teach them about social media space that enables global connectivity. Students are taught about the various social media platforms and how to utilize them productively. They are encouraged and helped in creating movies or short clippings based on relevant social issues. We thereon, teach them how to edit and upload those movies.
Street Plays (Nukkad Natak) are very raw and earthen in concept, making them very ideal for our students who too form the grassroots of our society and thereby relate easily with them. These plays are theme based, aimed at evoking strong emotions and opinions and leaving a powerful impact, especially amongst the underprivileged.
They serve as an excellent source of learning values and ideologies by methods like role-playing, hypothetical discussions etc. Students are first made to research and understand the theme of the play in depth. This way they learn about issues like cleanliness, discipline, women empowerment, eve teasing, education and many more.
Interactive theatre activities help remove inhibitions amongst the students and channelize their energy and talent in a productive manner.
Art and craft help bring out the vibrant creativity, inherent in each child and gives them a medium of producing what they visualize and dream about. However vague or unrealistic it might be, it all comes alive through art.
Our volunteers conduct regular sessions to teach the students about different types and aspects of art. This ranges from basics like sketching and coloring, understanding color theory and patterns to more advanced features like painting, origami, clay molding, gift wrapping etc.
Students apply what they learn in these sessions while making the simplest of greeting cards to helping out in making big complex props for dance and theatrical productions. This constant application of knowledge helps them become more confident and be bold in trying out new styles and concepts.
We believe that ‘Music unites’ breaking barriers like age, gender, caste and creed. In our experience, there is no better way to make the children bond with each other than to make them sing together! Music also plays a vital role in the formative years of students by enhancing their brain development; motor coordination skills etc. and its benefits can be reaped for years.
Our very own founders: Mr Shrey Chohan and Mr. Lalit Thapa are professional musicians. They conducts sessions for teaching students how to play different musical instruments, such as the keyboard, the guitar etc.; various singing techniques; and the history and evolution of music cultures across the world aiming to inculcate an overall understanding of the different genres of music.
Dance is the hidden language of the soul. It is one of the most vivid and infectious forms of expression, and we see this everyday with our students. They are taught about the performing art starting from its origin in our country, the classical and folk forms, going all the way to current trending global styles. We try to cover all its aspects from theory to practice.
Dance sessions at our organization began under the guidance of Mr. Praveen Sahoo who has himself trained under some of the biggest names in the Indian Industry like Shamak Dawar, Remo D’Souza and is currently working with Terence Lewis in Mumbai.
Our present collaboration with Urban Dance Centre ensures a session per week for all students wherein they are taught various styles like Hip Hop, Bollywood etc. Performing at events and competitions instills an unparalleled sense of confidence amongst the students.
Rhythm of Life has collaborations with associates all over the world, who join us in our cause by taking special workshops with our students. As a part of social skills development, students are taught to warmly welcome the guests and interact with them.

Some of the workshops

“Open your Eyes” was a Media Education Workshop conducted by Andrea Camerini and Laura Di Nitto on 22-23rd March’13. Andrea Camerini is a singer and music composer of animation and documentary films, whereas Laura Di Nitto is an independent documentary producer and director. Both of them have worked for the prestigious “RAI”, Italian Public Broadcasting.
The workshop introduced our students to the concepts of Media Education and the art of media making. It was the perfect combination of work and play ensuring the students had a wonderful time while gaining knowledge about this professional field.
This entire experience was captured in an enthralling documentary called, “That’s the Rhythm of Life”.
Mina & Lina, came from Egypt as a part of an exchange program for 6 weeks wherein they took a session per week with our students. They had planned a series of exercises and games over the sessions that focused on team building exercises, which enhanced their concentration and coordination skills. The students had a great time learning from these two young brilliant minds.


To take this journey to the next level we have “True Minds - A step closer to self awareness, culture, and life-long learning!”
True Mind is a project designed for the holistic growth Rhythm of Life kids. In the first round of the pilot project we will be selecting 20 kids basis on their past performance. We are dedicated and adamant to enrich the life of Rhythm of life kids. We will cover Digital World, Art Appreciation, Communication and Behavior Management during the span of a year. In addition we have one more section “an inch away from centre” which will help these kids to be more familiar with the history of our cultural heritage.
We have a section named EveryDay Science which will cover small things like changing the tubelight, effective ways of decorating and correcting the cracks on wall and many other things which are very basic in nature. The goal of the True Mind is to make them confident and far more independent to handle their routine life. We will use effective techniques likes Theater, art and craft, dance, music and a lot of workshop oriented classes. There will be a lot of personal mentoring and counseling session to create individual space for the growth and development of each True Mind.

Our Sponsors

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“Self reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward” - Patricia Sampson
Our employment generation project for girls above 16 years of age helps them contribute to their family’s growth and makes them empowered to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Experts of respective fields teach skills like lamp making, block printing, knitting, stitching, paper quilling, bag making, making envelopes, candles, earrings etc. These handmade products are then sold at fairs and exhibitions. Besides the monetary gain of the child, this project also helps us generate funds, which are diverted back for various welfare programs. Girls who complete 6 months in this project are given stipends, so that they feel independent, and live with a sense of dignity and responsibility.