We observed that our students faced a recurring problem in remembering to carry all notebooks and stationary and hence came up with the campaign to help get every child a bag. Our associate from Italy, Sussana helped raise funds for this campaign and we ended up distributing a total of 200 bags amongst our students.


Based on the concept of a paper drive, herein we collects old newspapers, magazines, notebooks or any other form of paper and use it for different purposes like making paper bags or recycling and getting new copies made for our students. Our students receive all stationary from our end. The leftover papers are sold for money, which too gets invested in buying new stationary. This drive is carried out on a monthly basis throughout the year. We ourselves collect newspapers till 7th of every month and people can donate it to the nearest centers till 15th of every month.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi
The main motto of this project is to encourage donation of used items of basic necessity to slum dwellers, who cannot afford them. We also extend this project towards carrying out relief work by collecting and supplying clothes, utensils, medicines, blankets and other necessary items in disaster struck areas. We pay special attention towards ensuring that whatever items we distribute are in a suitable condition, because we believe in respect regardless of economic background.


“Cleanliness is next to godliness” The deteriorating living conditions in the slums compelled us to try and initiate change and inculcate healthy and sanitary habits as a way of life amongst the children. Our students are taught the importance of cleanliness through practical examples and by making them aware of the adversities that lack of sanitation can lead to. Discipline is encouraged and practiced as students take turns to clean their classrooms. We believe the values carried back by the children to their homes will be the driving force behind the improvement of their living conditions.


Build a Classroom is an initiative and a step forward to bringing well equipped classrooms to the service of children residing in slums and going to government schools. This campaign primarily focuses on smart learning and providing an atmosphere of well facilitated classrooms to students who have not been able to avail the same. Build a Classroom focuses on the very same aspect of grabbing attention to one place so that the optimum could be attained by the students from our efforts to BUILD A CLASSROOM.


A recently began program, Meri Gulak aims at making the students responsible with monetary matters. The concept behind it is that every child will be given a piggy bank to keep responsibly and whoever saves the maximum at the end of the month will be given an opportunity to ask for whatever he/she wishes and the organizing team will help realize the student’s wish. This fun filled monthly affair encourages the concept of planned spendings amongst the students which will help them a long way in life.