About us

Our Story

Rhythm of Life was founded by 3 young people in their mere 20s with the plain and simple intention to help every child reach his/her maximum potential. Having recently completed 5 years, we are proud to say that today we have expanded to over 3 centers with 350 students backed by a steady team of *(no.) volunteers and mentors. Shrey, Lalit and Devika, who started this NGO, always had a vision of bringing a change at a root level. Shrey and Lalit, being the music fanatics and touring over the nation with there band PRATHAM, always had a constant feeling of not making a big enough impact and this got them into teaching music to those who desired it but lacked the means. Devika being a common acquaintance was teaching a bunch of kids at the Bapu Dham Society, opposite Jesus and Mary College and easily arranged for an interactive session between them and the children. Seeing the enthusiasm and willingness to learn amongst the children, all of them started taking regular sessions for creative and performing arts from 5th May’11 onwards. Despite being slow at processing and understanding the children never gave up and were always filled with energy. Seeing their potential in dance, we started pushing them further in the field. After 6 months of rigorous experimenting and analyzing, the NGO was registered as a society under the name Rhythm of Life on 9th Dec’11..

Who we are

Rhythm of Life is a registered non- governmental organization that was founded in 2011 by three young aspirants of social change. We work with children from underprivileged backgrounds with the aim of nurturing them into confident independent adults through a specially designed curriculum: ABC (Activities Based Curriculum).

What we do

We, at Rhythm of Life, believe in enabling children with poor means to learn without any burden through a specially designed Activities Based Curriculum (ABC). Here, we use interactive learning and teaching techniques like theatre, dance, music, street plays, art and craft, value-adding games etc. with a view to ensuring that each child who joins us learns something useful and looks forward to the next session. We keep conducting variety of sessions based on the overall development and progress of the students.  


  • Adamant: We will not settle for anything less than what the children deserve and will keep working till we are no longer required to ensure it.
  • Determined: Behind every child’s success lies immense determination and willpower and we work towards ensuring that this source never runs out.
  • Devoted: We are more than just an organization, we are a family where every member- the student, the volunteer and the supervisor is working day and night towards the growth and development of the students.

How we do

The students at Rhythm of Life are chosen from different low-income areas across South Delhi (Dhaula Kuan), within the age group of 6-16 facing lack of guidance and support in educational matters. We conduct sessions *6 days a week, after school hours designed in a manner to help children cope better with academics and simultaneously expose them to extra- curricular activities such as dance, music, theatre, art& craft etc. Apart from educating children, we work on projects and campaigns to generate and spread awareness amongst the society. Our musical compositions and dance performances are also ways to raise voice against social injustice. Girls aged 16 and above are also associated with our Employment Generation Program that helps them contribute to their family’s growth and makes them empowered to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Girls who complete 6 months in this project are given stipends, so that they feel independent, and live with a sense of dignity and responsibility. We are happy to have a team of volunteers belonging to different backgrounds and age groups, working with us for the smooth facilitation of all our activities. Experts of diverse fields monitor all our sessions.